Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


You may now enable a download button when embedding a track that has downloads enabled. Tracks without downloads enabled will not have this option.
We have decided to rename "Premium" to "Pro" as we believe it is easier to read and remember, and also more accurately reflects the Whyp features that will be offered in the future.
There have been no changes to pricing or features. Just a copy change and update to our terms to reflect this.
You may now preview your profile, allowing you to see it how other Whyp users see it. This is useful if you have private tracks and collections and just want to see how it looks to others.
More features will likely be added in the future to make this more useful.
Feature Profile Track
You may now feature a single track at the top of your Whyp profile. Use this to show off your best work!
New Profile Tab
The default tab when viewing a user's profile is now the "All" tab. This tab lists recent tracks by default and also displays the featured track if there is one.
Learn how to use essential features and get answers to FAQs with the new Whyp website documentation.